About Us

Who We Are

Vision Engineering Consultants is early beginnings date back to 2005 to a small architecture practice in Dubai. As a young, innovative firm, they quickly gained recognition with their designs in public facilities, housing and industrial plants. Production of further ground-breaking solutions expanded their reputation in UAE and their services grew. During the next decades, they expanded into a full-service engineering firm, providing master planning, architecture, engineering, and economic services.

Some call it good business, we just call it philosophy. It’s helping companies develop branding and collateral that express who they are, what they do. Discover what our clients have found to be true of our work, and enjoy inner peace in a sound business decision. The philosophy of our studios is to seek and become one with the target, moving towards moments of harmony and understanding where the true solution is discovering. As much as it is a business, competitive Architectural consulting is also an art form; and as such, it must remain subconscious, intuitive, as well as on budget and schedule.

Choosing a firm for your Design needs in no easy task. We have no desire to be the biggest or richest design firm on the planet. Our philosophy is basic; we’re in it for the craft. It is the artistic quality in the finished product that is always our priority. Over the last decades, Vision Engineering Consultants has pioneered the planning, design and implementation of development projects in UAE. As a leading Multi-disciplinary consultancy, Vision Engineering Consultants possesses the IN-HOUSE capabilities and expertise to undertake the comprehensive planning, design, preparation of tender documents, tendering, prequalification of contractors, tender analysis, supervision and project/construction management for building developments including all engineering trades and specializations.

Our Team

Today, their multi-disciplinary services allow them to better service their clients and the community. VEC innovative plans, designs and successful implementations are due to a number of factors:

  • Talented and dedicated staff of professionals with multi-disciplinary and multi- lingual experience
  • Skills for developing, adapting and transferring latest high-tech planning, engineering and design techniques to indigenous and existing conditions in emerging environments
  • A commitment to build long-term client-relationships and actively support our clients worldwide.


As we believe that reshaping, developing the built environment is our responsibility, three fundamental beliefs in our corporate philosophy can be traced— improving the quality of living in developing countries, our clients and engineering excellence

We have a deep-rooted commitment to the development of the society from which our beginnings grew. Our sense of dedication inspires us to help engineer future structural, economic and social developments and improve the quality of living in every country we operate in.

Delivering impeccable, client-oriented service is one of our top priorities. We establish long-term partnerships with our clients anticipate their immediate and future needs and engineer appropriate solutions that often exceed their expectations.

Producing distinguished engineering product, seeking the quality and excellence in our projects and integrates with international leading consultant firms in order to get comprehensive engineering packages using the updated technological systems and materials.